5 Features To Look For When Shopping For A Used Semi Truck And Why

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The trucking industry brought in more than 700 billion dollars worth of revenue in 2014, and with no sign of slowing down the used semi truck you plan to buy can help you tap into lucrative career opportunities whether you want to work for yourself or become part of an already established team. You'll want to make sure that your semi truck holds up to wear and tear and meets your needs as your workload grows – here are five features to look for when you start shopping:

Plenty of Tread

An important aspect of any good semi truck is a reliable set of tires that have plenty of tread. A potential truck's steer tires should have at minimum tread depth of 4/32 inches, otherwise you'll find yourself in need of making replacements before you know it. It's a good idea to invest in a truck with tires that have a tread of 10/32 inches or deeper to maximize grip in snow and rain, as well as to ensure that you won't have to replace them for years to come. You'll find that well treaded tires that are filled up properly will help improve your gas mileage.

Warranty Options

Because you're buying a used semi truck, you probably won't have the benefit of relying on a manufacturer warranty if something goes wrong and you need a repair within the first few years of ownership. However, you should be able to find a few rigs that are eligible for extended warranty coverage that will cover the expensive repairs if something breaks down, like the engine or drive train. The dealership you're working with should be able to tell you which semi trucks qualify for coverage, what type of coverage is available, and how to get it.

A Flat Surface Design

Choosing a semi truck with a sleek flat design will provide you with plenty of opportunity to promote your services while you are on the road transporting goods for clients. If there are too many curves on the body's design, you may not find enough flat space to put a magnetic sign on the door or have your company's phone number painted on the hood. It's also important to steer clear of trucks with fancy textured paint jobs if you plan to advertise on your rig. Textured paint is not easy to apply magnets, banners, or printed letters to.

Expansion Abilities

Even if you're starting out small, you never know how big or fast your business will grow, so look for a truck that will allow you to expand if need be. Those with the capability of connecting refrigerated containers and trucks that have more cabin space done. Trucks with extendable frames can come in handy if you want to get into providing long distance trucking services.

All the Service Records

One of the most important things to look for in a potential used semi truck is an extensive service record. The paperwork that comes with the truck you buy should include oil changes, repairs, maintenance records, and any body work receipts. The more you know about the history of the truck, the easier it will be to keep it on the road as it ages. It's a good idea to order a vehicle history report for any truck you consider buying before making an ultimate decision.

Making sure that your new rig has at least some of these features will help ensure that you don't end up having to put a lot of money into maintaining it or finding the need to upgrade it again within the first couple of years. For more information, look at sites like http://www.arrowtruck.com/.