Automotive Radio Commercials Could Mix Unique Sounds With A Retro Style

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Automotive service centers must vie for a limited number of potential customers. Setting your business apart from other repair and inspection places sometimes requires a little creativity. Sometimes, going "retro" helps the cause. In a world of online review sites, radio still has the power to capture consumers. When a repair shop specializes in fixing older cars, perhaps a retro-style automotive radio commercial could grab attention. Such a creative commercial could also get across important information about the services available, which might significantly affect listeners. Hopefully, the "effect" involves them bringing their vehicles in for service.

A Simple "Retro" Strategy

Running soundtrack music to the commercial could support both the "retro theme" while also grabbing listeners who may not be paying strict attention to commercials. Sometimes, old television shows or movies had soundtrack music that is in the public domain. Such music could become part of the commercial since it comes without licensing costs. Opening the commercial with familiar music may put people into the right mindset. Action-based music, for example, may appeal to someone who drives a sports car or pickup truck. If that is the customer the commercial hopes to reach, then the music could hook him or her.

Music Fits the Radio Spectrum

Radio is, of course, an audio medium. Lacking visuals, radio commercials rely on sound effects to engage a listener. Radio spots need something that livens them up. Launching into a description of car repair services is okay, but doing so can lack "punch." Music could start the commercial with an upbeat, captivating tempo. Once the music draws the listener in, the narrator can detail what the car service offers. Perhaps some special effects could further drive things home. 

The Right Sound Effects

Imagine a radio commercial that opens with music that would be home with a car chase scene. Once the music and accompanying engine sound set the tone, an actor's voice could indicate the person driving the car is a secret agent or superhero on a mission. And then sound effects reveal the car is having trouble getting to where it needs to go. Heroes can't do much waiting for a tow truck, and neither can the average car owner. Even though the radio commercial borrows heavily from pop culture fantasy, it gets a real message across - everyone needs to take care of their car.

A professionally produced radio spot could get that pop culture retro feel across. Hopefully, the impact leads people to take their cars to the sponsor's automotive service center.