3 Reasons Why Your First Semi Should Be A Preowned One

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When the time comes to start your trucking service or business as an owner-operator, you may find yourself tempted to finance a shiny new rig. However, when considering such a large purchase, you must look at the bigger picture. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose a used semi truck instead.

1. Used Semi Trucks Tend to Cost Far Less

A pre-owned semi will typically cost far less than a new truck. You can find used semi trucks for sale in excellent condition but at a fraction of a new truck's price. For an owner-operator, it's not just about saving money; it's about keeping the money to invest in the overall business.

While your truck is an extremely important part of your business, it's not the only part of it. The money you save can go towards other expenses and growing your business. Starting off with a new, late-model truck can put you in the opposite situation where most of your funds go towards paying for the truck, rather than investing in the business.

2. Used Semi Trucks Can Help Mitigate Financial Risks

Whether you purchase a used semi truck outright or finance it, that lower cost can save you if your business flounders or runs into issues. For example, if you need to slow down, change course, or work a second job, you won't have the higher payments associated with a new truck standing in your way.

You make a big investment when you buy a truck. If that investment doesn't pay off during the early stages of your business, you will have lost less by using a used semi than if you would have if you were paying for a new one.

3. Used Semi Trucks Will Help You Learn While You Earn

Even if you spent decades crisscrossing the nation as a company driver, things are different when you're the one in charge of your own operations. While learning how to run your business your way, you probably don't want yourself tied up with a brand-new semi and all the concerns that come it.

As you learn more about your business finances, managing your assets, and putting dollar amounts to all your business activities, you can start to figure out your larger goals. Once you know what direction you want to go in, then you can factor in the possibility of researching and picking up a new semi.

In the meantime, your tested and reliable used semi truck will work for you until you figure your business out. Of course, when seeking semi truck sales, always do your research and only shop with reputable dealers of heavy duty trucks.